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Record gripper Protected

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Produktinformationen "Record gripper Protected"

You know the feeling: Many of your records are covered
in fingerprints or other dirt! This residue damages your
record and your listening pleasure enormously!
The RecordButler guarantees clean records, because
this indispensable tool will keep your "black gold" clean and tidy!

You also know this feeling: Dusty and statically charged records.
Dust that is not removed from records is especially problematic
because it affects the listening experience directly, causing
crackling and may result in barely removable dirt. RecordButler
allows you to rid your record of dust right after laying on the record.
And even very thoroughly - because the special antistatic fleece attracts the dust.

Whether at the DJ set or for audiophile home use - the RecordButler
is your faithful and indispensable companion. Because why clean
records when you could prevent them from getting dirty in the first place?

Save YOUR Music!

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